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Studio A offers a range of design services for both residential and commercial projects. Please contact us for additional questions regarding our services and capabilities!

Each project and client is unique - one shoe does not fit all (that would be pretty boring too). Some clients prefer to be hands-on while others prefer we take the wheel...that's why we offer a range of services and packages that can be modified to fit your specific needs, goals and budget. Below is a list of common project types, services and packages we provide and how they might benefit you. Not sure which one fits your situation? Fill out the client information form under our contact page and we'll figure it out together.

Initial Consultations

Feeling anxious about hiring a professional designer or the design process? Understandable. That’s why each potential project begins with a meeting to discuss your needs and project goals. At this time we inspect your space for its layout and function, take preliminary measurements and snap pictures. We then send you a proposal outlining what services we think will best suit your needs – then you get to decide if it’s a good fit.

Refresh & Staging

Does your current space need a little pick-me-up? Let us help you with a quick refresh including items like new furnishings, accessories, paint and lighting. We’ll provide an implementation plan that gives you direction and flexibility to ensure your upgraded space reflects your style, and budget.

Full Service Interior Design

Save time, energy and the headache from having to track all of your project details. Our team will manage your entire project from initial concept to installation, including coordinating trade professionals such as contractors. This service is typically suited for a complete renovation, new build or an addition but can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Finish Selection Packages

You’re investing in a remodel or new build, love your layout and might already have a contractor on board  – you’re halfway there! Now it’s time to tie all those details together for a cohesive, stunning space that you love to walk into. We’ll put together a custom finish and fixture package that reflects your taste, lifestyle and meets your budget.

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