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What's a "Pop-Up Shop"?

In a nutshell, "Pop-Up Shops" are temporary spaces where goods and services are sold to local community members - like a farmer's market, fair, tradeshow or even a Downtown Getdown. It's a fun and exciting way to see and try out goods you may not always have access to...and when goods run out, they are out! In our case, Studio A is offering *limited time* consultation services focusing on the core elements of your home, flooring and paint. We are popping up our shop at Brian Barnard's Flooring. We provide the service, Brian Barnard's provides the goods!   

Dates & Details

Meet & Greet Kick-Off

December 5th, 4-6pm

Brian Barnard's Flooring America

2731 Capital Cir NE

Tallahassee, FL 32308

Join us for light food and beverage and a casual stroll through the showroom to meet the Studio A team, ask questions about our process and learn how we work with our local showrooms to deliver quality designs. Attendees that sign up for a consultation will be entered into a drawing to receive $500 towards their product purchase!  

Consultation Sign-Up

December 5th-December 31st
Studio A Website

We will open up our "Pop-Up Shop" consultation registration the evening of the Meet & Greet. We first ask that you fill out a quick questionnaire to ensure we understand your needs, budget and timeline. 

Complimentary Measurement

December 6th - January 2024
By Brian Barnard's

After signing up, a Brian Barnard's team member will come out to your home or place of business to measure your space. They will also inspect items like your subfloor to ensure we select the best flooring options that will work for your home. 

Consultation with Studio A

January 9th - 31st

Brian Barnard's Showroom

Following your complimentary space measurement, Studio A will schedule your one-on-one consultation. We will then meet you at the showroom to present flooring options that compliment your home and fall within budget. If you opt for the Flooring & Paint Consultation Package, we will also present paint at this time.


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